Phenibut Kratom Combination, Is It Really That Safe?

Phenibut Kratom Combination, Is It Really That Safe?

Kratom combinations are one of the most frequent options taken by kratom users to spice up their experience and further strengthen the potency of the kratom product that they are using. Whenever you decide to mix kratom powders or any of different forms it starts to pack quite a punch with the effects coupled with the increase of dosage they are exposing themselves to. There are extreme cases though where even this is not enough and further increasing the dosage will no longer help and will just jeopardize their health as a whole.

Today we will be tackling one of the more controversial kratom combinations ever that will skyrocket its potency into dangerous levels but still be very beneficial if done correctly. Yes, you read that right, we are going to find out if the Phenibut kratom combination is really safe or will the risks greatly outweigh the benefits we seek to gain from it.

So You Have Never Heard of Phenibut Kratom Combination

We don’t blame you for not knowing because the average kratom user will have no need to increase the potency of their product to such dangerous levels when dosages are easily enough. The Phenibut kratom combination utilizes those strengths of both substances as creates a mixture that directly complements the effects of the other – amplifying the effects by tenfold. This mixture though is only used in the most extreme cases where the user is in need of a bridging substance that will help with their opiate withdrawal to lessen the pain and torment.

And How About Phenibut, Where Did This Come From?

Phenibut Kratom Combination, Is It Really That Safe?

Well, unlike Kratom, Phenibut is a neuropsychotropic drug which was first used and discovered in Russia – their cosmonauts would come equipped with the substance because of the benefits. Phenibut was able to help deal with the stress and anxiety the cosmonauts would be exposed to and would not have to suffer any side effects, unlike other drugs that result in drowsiness. Other uses for Phenibut are among the following:

  • Improve sleeping conditions
  • Before and after medications
  • Muscle tensions
  • Mental health problems e.g. depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

What Are the Major Effects and Concerns With the Combination?

On one side of the spectrum, if you are looking to up the potency of your experience to a whole other level, this combination will surely achieve that for you and even do more than expected. The phenibut kratom combination gives you an all-time legal high that would have you in a state of euphoria that you would have never known if you hadn’t tried the combination. The combination will allow you to reach relaxation levels like no other – an experience that you will surely never forget and would want to crave for more and never end.

On the other side of the spectrum though, all it takes is to go over the recommended three-day use and three day off then you are to enter an entirely new world of hurt and pain. The withdrawal period for this combination is so dreaded as you will be experiencing serious anxiety attacks and severe headaches if you are not careful enough with the dosage you give yourself. Phenibut itself already bolsters quite the withdrawal period which is why its potency is skyrocketed to the roofs but partnered with kratom can do some very serious damage.

Final Verdict of Whether You Should Give It a Try

Honestly, for safety reasons you are better off just staying with the kratom powder you already have, since its benefits already far outweigh the risks then you need not to concern yourself. Whereas if you were to combine your experience with the help of Phenibut it will surely be one that you will never forget and totally euphoric at a whole level, but at what cost. You might just be prepping yourself for the most painful period of your life.

Just always remember to practice responsible use of your kratom and you will never have to up the potency too much just to experience a good feeling already provided by your product. There are many other ways to spice up your experience by taking it in different forms or doing some other ways of combining kratom with other kratom powders to get a mixture of effects. Experiment and always put safety as your number one priority and you will be well on your way to living a more fulfilling and exciting kratom experience like no other.

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