Kratom Pronunciation, Origin, and Facts About Kratom

Kratom Pronunciation, Origin, and Facts About Kratom

Kratom originates from the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, and the Philippines. It’s a tropical tree that provides medicinal benefits when you consumed it properly.

Here are top kratom facts you might find interesting.

Fact #1: This substance is illegal in 16 countries including Thailand and Malaysia.

Two of the best sources of kratom are Malaysia and Thailand. Despite being the leading exporters of kratom, the government on these countries bans the use of kratom.

It’s ironic to learn that Thailand after using the plant for thousands of years decide to make kratom illegal.

Other countries that banned kratom are Myanmar, Bhutan, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania.

Fact #2: Kratom belongs to the coffee family.

This controversial plant is a cousin to the coffee family. No wonder some strains have energizing effects on people.

Fact #3: Kratom can improve your immune system.

Aside from the stimulating and sedating effects of kratom, an improved immune system is one of the unknown benefits of kratom. Kratom improves your immune system in many ways. If you’re prone to colds and flu, take some kratom (microdose only) to help you fight those dreaded diseases.

What are the components of kratom that can improve your immune system?

  • Isomitraphylline
  • Isopteropodine
  • Isorhynchopylline
  • Mitraphylline

Isomitraphylline is an alkaloid in kratom that can boost your blood-producing system. It has anti-leukemia properties, helping your red blood cells multiply when necessary.

Mitraphylline is a non-narcotic alkaloid with diuretic properties. It also helps your muscle relax when you’re stressed at work. Lastly, this alkaloid has antihypertensive properties.

What strains are good immune boosters? All strains are good for your immune system. However, some users recommend the green varieties for its balanced effect on people.

Some users attested about the improvement in their immune system after taking kratom for years. These users don’t get sick often while others in their household are getting sick.

Fact #4: Kratom is legal in the United States except for the six states.

America is one of the nations who declared cannabis a legal substance. So, it’s not surprising that kratom is legal in the US.

The states where kratom is illegal are Wisconsin, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Other states (in America) have pending legislation on the legality of kratom. Cities like Denver (Colorado), Jerseyville (IL) and San Diego (CA) have banned kratom.

Kratom Pronunciation and Other Names


Kratom Pronunciation, Origin, and Facts About KratomKratom is a controversial herbal plant, and it’s the same how people pronounce the name. Generally, people pronounce the name as “Kray-tom” with a stretch on the “a.”

Other users pronounce this name with an “ah” sound, KRAH-tom. You can’t find this “ah” sound in the English language but is found in other languages.

Other pronunciations include:

  • Kra-Tome
  • Kray-Tome
  • Krah-Tome
  • Kra-Tome (English)
  • Kray-tome (American)
  • Krah-tome (Asian)

In Thailand and Malaysia, people pronounced the name with a silent “r” (Ketum). Aside from this local pronunciation, native folks from this region call kratom in other names.

  • Thang
  • Biak (Malaysia)
  • Thom (or Krathom, in Southern Thailand)
  • Kakuam

There’s no correct way of pronouncing this plant since people come from different regions with varying accents. The pronunciation doesn’t matter as long as other people know and understand what you mean.

Kratom Types and Strains

Kratom comes in many strains and varieties. The naming of kratom depends on two ways.

One, strains get their name from their place of origin. Two, strains get their names from the color of the veins in leaves.

Some people believe that the place of origin affects kratom in so many ways. Due to the environmental conditions where kratom come from, some kratom leaves are more energizing than other strains.

Other users argue that the vein colors determine the effect of specific strain. For example, red-veined kratom has sedating properties while white veined kratom is an energizer.

Strains Based on Place of Origin

  • Borneo
  • Indo
  • Hulu Kapuas
  • Riau
  • Malay
  • Thai

Strains based on Vein Colors

  • Red kratom
  • Green kratom
  • White kratom
  • Yellow kratom

Some vendors market their kratom strains based on the leaves of the plants. For example, vendors claim that super green Malay comes from super-sized leaves. The leaves of this strain are larger than the ordinary kratom leaves.

Horned kratom strains, on the other hand, come from leaves that have horned-like shapes.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kratom pronunciation you use, you should be aware of the effects of kratom on your system. Some people claim that kratom is addictive while others say this substance has medicinal benefits.

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