A Guideline for Beginners: Kratom Illegal in What States

A Guideline for Beginners: Kratom Illegal in What States

The use of kratom has been a controversial matter since its conception due to the benefits to individuals who are suffering from chronic pain.

Some users considered this as a natural remedy for those undergoing withdrawal from opioid drugs and those with anxiety disorders. The strain is also helpful in boosting one’s mood, thereby giving a feeling of euphoria and excitement.

Unfortunately, the officials in federal health claimed that these benefits are not true. Therefore, the Drug Enforcement Administration has considered this type of medication as one of the Schedule 1 drugs.  Since it was classified side by side with LSD and Heroin, they are banning it.

Although it is derived from the leaves and used as herbal supplements, some states regard this as a synthetic drug which is potentially harmful to the consumers who are using it.

The Food and Drug Administration has released a health advisory to the public about various health risks and abuse concerning kratom. There were reported cases of 36 deaths associated with this drug.

States such as Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vermont, Indiana, District of Columbia, and Wisconsin have already banned the possession, acquisition, and ownership of Kratom and its derivatives.

Reasons Why Some States Have Prohibited the Use of Kratom

A Guideline for Beginners: Kratom Illegal in What States

According to reports, the usage of kratom has grown larger and bigger over the past years. The Grassroots Organization is currently executing a motion to treat kratom as a legal drug in most states in the US.

The reason behind the motion stems from its various health benefits claimed by many consumers. Moreover, the herb has generated a large sum of money by an estimated $1.13 billion.

Despite the efforts of Grassroots Organization, federal agents were not in favor of its usage. Instead, they warned the public that this type of medication offers no good and has no medical advantages.

They believed that it is potentially harmful as it causes addiction and may even lead to death. Since FDA did not approve it, it works the same way with Narcotic medications which are addictive and have abusive properties.

Since some users take this for recreational purposes, the euphoric feeling when hitting its critical point might slowly develop dependence and tolerance. This is the main concern of the government because consequences following this may put you at risk.

States That Have Strictly Prohibited the Use of Kratom

#1 Arkansas – This state has banned its usage right away due to the presence of two primary alkaloids. It is one of the controlled substances that can put someone at risk of addiction. As the legislation became final last February 2016, there were no comments from the public that the government received.

#2 Alabama – The state has classified kratom as illegal due to its reported cases of abuse and deaths. Without a doubt, it is included in the Schedule 1 list in the Senate Bill 226 last 2016 of May.

#3 Vermont – Authorities have classified 7-hydroxymitragynine as a regulated drug.

#4 Indiana – According to Senate Bill 0305, this type of drug was labeled as synthetic. Hence, any users caught using this may end up in jail and may pay fines or be incarcerated.

#5 Wisconsin – The Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are potentially harmful and is considered under the Schedule 1 controlled drugs in the state.

Various Reactions of People About Kratom’s Illegality

During the first attempt at illegalizing kratom, it created violent reactions from the public. Majority of the people opposed the bill and had counteracted it. The anti-groups come from those who rely on this medication to treat their pain, anxiety, and opioid withdrawals.

Furthermore, they are the ones who strongly react as to why these states are banning this type of medication.

Since they found relief from kratom, several organizations which are pro kratom gathered its 8,000 members to organize a protest. They also made a petition by gathering at least 142,000 signatures from different people and addressed these signatures to the Congress to withdraw the said prohibition.

They pleaded for further research about this drug before deciding to ban it. Of course, they asked the FDA to allocate additional time in searching about the benefits of kratom so that the bill will be lifted.

However, the government stands firm with its decision, and some organizations have failed with their fight against the kratom ban.

As mentioned above, five states have banned the use of kratom. For those living in the said states, they have to head to another area to replenish their Kratom stock.

Why Users Find It Beneficial to Everyone’s Health in Using Kratom

Majority of the people who are suffering from pain use this herb to find relief. Despite taking analgesics, they find no cure. Thankfully, kratom gives them the comfort they need.

Moreover, some users who are dealing with Lyme disease admitted that the pain they experienced is severe. To alleviate the pain, they resorted to opioid medications.

Of course, they were relieved from pain, but they developed an addiction to these drugs at the end of the day. Fortunately, online communities recommend kratom for these people.

After several months of taking it a low dose, they noticed a positive response and enjoyed a pain-free life. Of course, there are other conditions such as withdrawal symptoms which effectively manage this medication.

Many people have testified that they became productive members of society after using the strain.

One testimonial from a patient who is trying to cope with her fibromyalgia has become viral online. Fibromyalgia is a disease characterized by chronic pain and tenderness in areas of the body. She claimed that by using Kratom for a couple of months, she believed that she found a cure with this herbal remedy.

Consumers, who are residing in the States that banned Kratom, are continuously fighting to lift the prohibition. Since they did not succeed in doing so, others transferred to the states that considered Kratom as legal.

The beliefs of these consumers regarding Kratom benefits are so strong that they are continuously using kratom to treat their pains, anxieties, depressions, and drug withdrawal symptoms.

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