The Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Kratom Tea

The Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Kratom Tea

You may have known kratom from your friends and colleagues. You have heard about its various benefits. If you want to try kratom tea, you must first understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Why Should You Drink Kratom Tea?

  •    Ease Effects of Indigestion

If you have abdominal cramps, constipation, or feeling bloated, you can brew kratom to make tea. Instead of taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs, tea can heal your stomach naturally. Also, it promotes digestion and boosts metabolism.

  •    Stimulates and Boosts Energy

If you want to stimulate your mind, invigorate your body, and awaken your senses, brewed kratom will give your sluggish body a pump up so that you will ooze with positivity and energy.

  •    Reduces Pain

Tea is not as strong as kratom powder, but it also provides pain relief. If you have menstrual cramps or body discomforts, it can reduce your pains and aches. You will feel the gradual healing of your body pains if you take it regularly.

  •    Improves Skin Condition

Kratom promotes circulation naturally. Thus, it can enhance your complexion. It helps in healing your sun-damaged or dry skin.

  •    Boosts Mood

Kratom releases endorphins, which are responsible for the feeling of relaxation and happiness. If you drink the tea, you will feel a relaxed sensation and peace of mind.

  •    Boosts Libido

You can experience a boost in your sexuality after drinking this tea. Even if you use a low dose, you can feel kratom enhance your arousal for more than 10 hours.

  •    Improves Sleep

You can take kratom tea before you sleep. You will feel your mind is at ease. Thus, you can gain a restful sleep.

  •    Improves Sociability

If you want a cure for your social anxiety, you can drink the tea. You can gain a focused and relaxed state of mind that gives a boost of confidence in talking with other people.

  •    Helps in Opiate Detox

Kratom relieves opioid withdrawal symptoms. If you are into opiate detox, you can drink the tea to increase your level of success and decrease your chances of giving into your opioid cravings.

Kratom Strains That are Best for tea

  •    Red vein strains

Red veins, especially the red Bali, can produce a robust relaxing sensation and can provide a comforting and soothing feeling.

  •    Maeng Da and White Vein Kratom

On the other hand, if you want a boost of energy, you can use the Maeng Da powder to brew tea. Moreover, the white vein kratom produces the same effects.

How to Brew tea From Kratom Powder

The Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Kratom Tea

Most users mix kratom powder with green or black tea to make it palatable. You can also add honey or sugar to make it sweet. Moreover, lemon and a small dose of magnesium are also useful in making your tea taste good.

You do not need boiling water to make this kind of tea because you will be destroying the kratom’s alkaloids. The best strategy is to let the water simmer and then add it to your kratom powder in the cup.

Kratom Dosage for tea

You must remember that you must start at the lowest dose if you are new to kratom. In general, you need to follow the following dosages if you want to experience its benefits.

Very mild effects: 1 gram

Moderate effects: Up to 3 grams

The standard dose for regular users: 5 grams

Intense effects: 10 grams or more

You must begin with the lowest dose and observe its impact on your body. Stick to it if you are satisfied with the results. But, you can increase the dosage gradually to give your body time to adapt to kratom.

Aside from following the appropriate dose, you must ensure that you are buying high- quality kratom. You need to reduce your dosage if you are buying concentrated extract.

Dangers of Drinking tea From Kratom

If you take at least five grams of kratom powder, you may feel the following side effects:

  •    Dizziness, Nausea, and Vomiting
  •    Loss of Appetite
  •    Sweating and Rapid Heart Rate
  •    Dry Mouth
  •    Sedation
  •    Loss of Muscle Coordination
  •    Constipation and Increased Urination

If you take more than 8 grams of kratom, you will experience adverse effects like:

  •    Strong euphoric high
  •    Slowed breathing
  •    Seizures
  •    Anxiety
  •    Heart Rate Changes
  •    Coma
  •    Death

If you take kratom with other drugs like hydrocodone, you can experience withdrawal symptoms and liver damage.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is legal in the US, but it is unregulated and marketed as alternative medicine. However, the states of Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Tennessee banned it. The FDA cannot monitor the genuineness of the kratom herbs used.

Thus, you must be careful about sourcing your kratom powder. You must ensure that you buy high-quality powder for your kratom tea.

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