Revealing the Reasons Why Kratom Horn Is a Hit

Revealing the Reasons Why Kratom Horn Is a Hit

There are different strains available in the market, but a lot of users prefer kratom horn.

This type of kratom originates from Borneo and other Southeast Asian countries. Mainly used as an effective organic painkiller, this is one of the best-seller kratoms. Other reported therapeutic claims are energy boosting, mind relaxant, stress reliever, and stamina builder.

Red and green are the two popular horn variants. Other related breeds are the white, Thai red, and turtle horn.

Ordering any horn kratom is not difficult since almost all providers have their respective products derived from this strain.

Now, if you want to learn more about the horn, you can read reliable information here.

Similarities and Differences of Red and Green Kratom Horn

Revealing the Reasons Why Kratom Horn Is a Hit

  • Origin. The red horn is endemic to Southeast Asia. But holding the vast reserve of this plant are Borneo, Thailand, and Indonesia. Meanwhile, you can trace the origin of the green horn in Borneo only. According to the locals, the use of the green horn has been practiced by people of Borneo for several decades.

Experts believe that the red horn is a crossbreed of Maeng Da and Red Vein. On the other hand, the green horn is just a plain green-colored kratom. But despite its calm appearance, this kratom is one of the most potent kratom strains ever discovered in Southeast Asia.

  • Effects. Comparing the impact of these kratoms, the green is considered as a more potent strain. People order these kratoms for alleviating chronic pain, battling stress, drug withdrawal, and boosting the mind and body.

  • Abundance. When it comes to the reserve and abundance, the red strain outplays the green. Due to its rarity, you cannot easily order a red horn kratom. You need to wait for several months because this plant is difficult to cultivate and undergoes a complex phase of maturity.


Meanwhile, the green horn is not difficult to find because this strain is considered as one of the fastest growing strains.

  • Built and Composition. Even the pro would sometimes interchange the red horn from the Maeng Da kratom. The misconception is possible due to the similarities in appearance of the two kratoms, particularly the spikes in the leaves.

Regarding the chemical built, these two horns have the same alkaloid content.

The Mitragynine is the most abundant chemical in the kratom leaves. Also present in the leaves but in a fewer reserve is the 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids are responsible for all the health benefits of kratom.

Despite having relative characteristics, the red and green horn kratom have distinct recommended dosage.

  • Red Horn. Since this is a high-potent strain, you need to take extra research to calculate the right dosage. To safely use this kratom, you must only take 1-3 grams per day. And for the newbies, it is safe to stick in 1-gram intake per day.

If you want to experience a significant euphoric bliss, you can proceed to 9 grams a day.

  • Green Horn. Same with the red, the recommended starting dosage of the green horn does not exceed 3 grams per day. If you are new in taking a kratom, you must start with 1 gram a day.

The effects of these two kratoms may last up to 6 hours. But if you develop a tolerance level at a certain dose, just add a gram.

Where to Buy the Red and Green Kratom Strains

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical. With an average score of 71 from users, no doubt that this vendor is one of the legitimate sellers. Among the reasons why this supplier is a hit are the following: fair price, high-quality products, assured customers’ privacy, and on-time product delivery.

  • Buy Kratom Bulk USA. This online kratom supplier is formerly known as Kratom Crazy/Kratom Krazy. You can also purchase premium horn kratom on this site.
  • Tucson Kratom. Based in Arizona, this is also a perfect provider of kratom. This supplier primes its kratom vending machine with guaranteed ten available strains.


These are all the information that you must know if you are planning to buy a strain. Always remember that taking any kratom horn is a way to enhance your health.

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