Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review of Their Online Store and Products

Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review of Their Online Store and Products

In this Remarkable Herbs kratom review, you will get to know more about another kratom seller. After reading this article, you can decide if you will add this store to your lists where you can buy your kratom products. Know about their website, products’ quality, and products’ variations, packaging, and more.

What Do They Sell?

Aside from kratom, Remarkable Herbs also sell kava, and blends, seeds, and mushrooms. If you are looking for their kratom products, they have some varieties available.

  • Thai
  • Indo
  • Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Vietnam
  • Bali

Knowing whether the strain is green, red, or white is challenging because there is no way you can find this indication in the packaging. It is an important labeling that they miss. The reason for missing out this important information is unknown.

Product Packaging

Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review of Their Online Store and Products

As what has been mentioned, the indication of the strain variety based on color is not written on the label.

What is present on the packaging is the alkaloid level of that particular kratom product. The Malay strain contains 1.5 percent mitragynine and 0.05 percent 7-OH mitragynine. Their Maeng Da contains 1.3 percent mitragynine and 0.45 percent 7-OH mitragynine.

Also, the manufacturing or sell-by date is not present. For this reason, it is difficult to identify if the Remarkable Herb product that you buy is fresh or not.

Availability of Their Products

It seems like this store is more of a wholesaler than a retailer. For this reason, you can find some of their products in a local headshops, gas stations, smoke shops, and convenience stores.

It is impossible to buy fast and direct from their website. You have to fill a form before you can reach them. For that reason, you have to wait for a response from the form’s recipient.

A lot of users seem not to experience a serious problem with the product’s delivery at this time.


The website is simple. It contains little information about their products. To learn more about what they have to offer, you have to reach them through their contact page.

What you will see on their home page is an introduction of their company and the categories of their products. Upon clicking a button into one of their products’ categories, you will be taken to a page where there are no available listed products but few paragraphs of the product description.

The display of the several varieties of their products is unclear because the display of each variety overlaps with each other. You must not expect that you can buy your product directly. You have to contact them first.

It seems like the Remarkable Herb tries to make their website responsive, but the design does not look good in some resolutions. It seems like they created a website with a goal not to sell their products, but to communicate with their customers who are interested because of the lack of features.

The presence of the ‘Store Finder’ in one of the menus proves that their website is primarily built for clients who want to ask questions about their products. The market that they are targeting is those people nearby the store where their products are being sold.

If you have a lot of questions in mind, do not bother to look for an FAQ page. Just like when you like to order, you have to send them a message through a form in their ‘Contact Us’ page.

Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review of the Other Users

There are a few negative reviews about the site but most are positive. One of what the users hate about the Remarkable Herbs is their website’s mystery. There is no way that you can order fast online and you have to reach them through a contact form.

On the other hand, some people like the way how the Remarkable Herbs make their products available to their consumers. They have their products available in smoke shops, headshops, gas stations, and convenience stores. It is especially helpful if a kratomite needs his or her kratom immediately.

Also, since the Remarkable Herb is also a reputable kratom seller, the consumers can just look for their products in their local stores if they want a high quality product. The downside from buying from a local store is that the price is expensive. On the other hand, they also offer some discounts.


In this Remarkable Herbs kratom review, the conclusion is based on how the kratomites use the store’s products. For this reason, the Remarkable Herbs products are only good for emergencies.

Their products do not have complete labels and their website contains less information. There are a lot of better kratom stores in the market.

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