Rare White Borneo: the Energetic and Stimulating Strain

Rare White Borneo: the Energetic and Stimulating Strain

White Borneo strains come from the province of Indonesia. Well, this strain doesn’t grow in Indonesia but rather an island controlled by Indonesia. This province is the island of Borneo, which Indonesia controls a large part of it.

Positive Effects of Borneo White Vein

This strain is a stimulating one. It can increase your energy level for a few limited hours. Together with this increase in energy level, your physical capacity enhances as well.

Your focus and attention to details become more pronounced. If you’re having difficulty understanding a concept before, after taking this strain, you’ll likely improve your cognitive function. You can think and solve problems quickly.

These things happen because you’re motivated to solve a pending problem you’ve been trying to solve for weeks.

Most of all, you can experience feelings of happiness while the white strain is in effect in your body system.

Alkaloid Content of Borneo White Vein

Rare White Borneo: the Energetic and Stimulating Strain

Kratom leaves have more or less 25 types of alkaloids. The effects of this strain are due to specific alkaloid contents. The alkaloids in the Borneo white strains are mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine.

In white Borneo, these three alkaloids are higher in levels compared to other strains. These three alkaloids are known to have pain-killing properties.

Aside from these properties, other alkaloids contribute to the mood-lifting properties of this strain. The alkaloids are differing in levels that scientists are having a hard time identifying what’s causing the effect.

Nevertheless, the alkaloids in kratom leaves are all natural and are in no way harmful to the human body.

Side Effects of Borneo White

When you take this strain using the recommended dosage, you won’t feel any side effect. However, if you’ve overdosed accidentally, here are a few side effects that you might experience:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Wobbles

Dosage of White Borneo

This strain is a fast-acting and very potent one. You have to be careful in dosage. Otherwise, you’d experience overdose symptoms although the side effects are few.

Borneo strain dosage may vary from brand to brand. Some brands limit the maximum dosage to 6 to 8 grams. Other brands use a maximum dosage of 5 grams.

Whatever brands you’re using, it’s crucial to start minimum with this strain or any strain for that matter. The minimum dosage for Borneo strain is 1 to 2 grams while 3 to 4 grams are a moderate level.

Best Time to Take

The best time to burn this strain is early in the morning. Since it’s a stimulating strain, you’d want to start your day with a boost in your energy level.

If you have a big event coming this evening, ramp up your energy level at least 30 minutes before the event. You wouldn’t want to deplete your energy before the most important moment arrives.

One word of caution though, don’t overdo it. Although the strain is harmless when taken the right way, your body may suffer the brunt of too much activity during the evenings.

You need to rest, too. So, take it easy on the burning of kratom, whatever the type is.

Where to Buy

You can buy this strain in two ways. One way is to purchase kratom in head shops. Another way is purchasing from online vendors.

Due to legality issues, you can’t find kratom in big stores such as Walmart or Amazon. Fortunately, you can choose from many online vendors who offer quality kratom.

Price may vary from one vendor to another. It ranges at $15 for a standard variety.

Buying online is recommended because these online vendors know a lot about their product. You can ask them any question you might want to ask.

Furthermore, these vendors assure the quality of their product. They subject their products to test before shipping out to customers.

Varieties of Borneo White

The types of Borneo kratom are premium and standard. The difference lies in the extraction method.

Standard extraction includes the stems in the pulverizing process. , on the other hand, excludes the stalks. The premium method yields kratom powder with more refined than the standard way.

Generally, the premium variety is more expensive than the standard. This added cost is due to the manual removal of the stems before drying out the leaves and pulverizing them.


White Borneo can increase your energy levels. This effect can last up to 4 to 5 hours. Some users claim they feel the effect for 6 hours.

In case you experience symptoms of overdose, drink lots of water. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and rest for a few hours until the symptoms wear off.

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