Purple Sticky Kratom: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Purple Sticky Kratom: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Kratom is, apparently, popular nowadays. Despite its cloudy status due to the perspectives of federal health authorities, beliefs regarding its effectiveness in providing sound health conditions prevail.

Yes, kratom may have side effects which are supported by scientific findings, yet, regardless of these dissenting views, the high demand for it remains.

Numerous websites about kratom and its various strains abound. There are customer reviews praising the alternative cure, discussions about online retailers, and the official websites of the mushrooming internet kratom shops.

There is certainly a plethora of information about the medicinal plant online. Kratom customers–experienced and neophytes alike–will seem to feel an “embarrassment of riches”, that is, having plenty of choices when it comes to sources of information and places to purchase the ethnobotanical medicine.

Maeng Da kratom, Bali kratom, Green Vein kratom, Gold kratom, Red Vein kratom, White Vein kratom, and the White Vein Sumatra kratom are just some of the strains that are available internet-wide.

Some internet vendors are quite creative in giving names to their kratom merchandise. For instance, KratomEye.com has some offerings with names like Plantation Red, Great White (with an image of the Great White Shark), Pangaea (the Ultimate Green Vein Kratom Blend), which is a Greek term referring to the Earth, and Venus, in honor of the Roman goddess of love.

These products may be sold at affordable prices for as low as $5, making hesitant buyers to eventually say yes and make a purchase.

Online kratom sellers are currently experiencing high volumes of orders that some of them are already running out of stocks. Thus, they place notices on their websites requesting satisfied customers to check back again later on.

Given these seemingly irresistible promotions and interest directed to the plant-based medicine, people would also come across uniquely named kratom manufacturers like Purple Sticky Kratom.

Longstanding kratom users may have encountered this brand. But let us take a look at it in-depth.

Dearth of Dependable Information From and About the Company


Purple Sticky Kratom: To Buy or Not to Buy?With respect to Purple Sticky Kratom, very minimal updated information can be found on the internet today about this manufacturer.

At first, customers may also wonder if Purple Sticky Kratom is a product, a company, or anything else, given that they are left in the woods by the name. Apparently, the company does not have an official website from which customers can discover more details about it. Purple Sticky Kratom’s history, mission and vision, core values, product offerings, price or costing, and contact information are not available.

When typing Purple Sticky Kratom on the Google search bar, there are links that yield the keywords. However, information provided by these websites is at the minimum.

Take a look at these Google search results for the kratom manufacturer:

1) Best of Times’s Facebook Page

A Facebook page called Best of Times posted an image of kratom powder over the herbal plant’s leaf dated April 22, 2012. The caption described the Mitragyna speciosa tree where the plant-based medicine comes from.

It also cited the end results of taking kratom. Although it mentioned Purple Sticky Kratom, it was just a short line. The site was offering the Purple Sticky Kratom Kap, which it refers to as kratom in capsule form.

Best of Times stated that it is a vintage store in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Its Facebook page does not have latest postings, the last of which was made on September 27, 2016.

2) HipForums.com Inquiry

On this site, a certain username “fieldsr” posted on March 27, 2008, under the thread “Exotic Psychedelic Plants” inquiring about the effects of the kratom extract branded as Purple Sticky Kratom. The user said that a friend gave 3 grams of the kratom extract packed in an orange plastic container. Information like “15x” was provided as well.

In the forum, the user was seeking for some advice on how to properly consume the product and some precautionary tips. He or she also mentioned about coming across different views about the product, such as the proper dosages and consumption ways. The user also found recommendations saying not to try the product.

Responses to the thread dating from 2008 to 2012 include customers’ opinions about the product. One commenter said that taking 2 grams of the “15x” would possibly make the user high. The person advised taking the small dosage once, depending on the lasting effects and how high the user intended to be.

In terms of a hangover, Purple Sticky Kratom does not yield this experience. Moreover, tea is the best manner of consuming the kratom product. Sugar and lemon juice would improve the taste, according to the commenter.

Other views about the “15x” extract include the amazing effect of taking 2 grams of it, with effects similar to that produced by taking a cup of hot coffee.

With the outcome felt for several hours, the commenter said that Purple Sticky Kratom extract provided a warm and euphoric feeling inside. The commenter also advised the user to check his or her sensitivity to the product before consuming higher dosages.

The product takes effect within 5 to 10 minutes and could last for several hours. It is both energizing and sedating. Given its potency, it is effective for relieving soreness.

Finally, one commenter warned about company names that seem “flashy” because they usually represent business organizations that cannot be trusted.

3) Kratom62.blogspot.com Blog Post

In a blog post dated October 13, 2009, a blogger identified by the username “bmcpherson357” described Purple Sticky Kratom as a leaf. It is the green or white vein strain of the alternative medicine. The blogger described the product to have superior quality and is harvested all year round in Indonesia.

The powder is composed of concentrated, pulverized kratom leaves. The blogger described it as more potent than the leaves freshly plucked from the Mitragyna speciosa tree.

The extract is said to be the strongest form of kratom. It is prepared through boiling the leaves for a “lengthy” period of time.

A resin is, hence, produced afterward. This is reported to be a substance that is sticky and is poured on a container and allowed to evaporate as an extract.

The blogger said that Purple Sticky Kratom is manufactured by a modern laboratory that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The facility employs equipment for distillation and extraction.

Finally, the 15x extract is described to have the ratio of 15:1 concentration of the dry kratom leaf’s primary active element.

4) Brand Review by WeKratom.com

This website offered disapproving perspectives about the Purple Sticky Kratom. In a review dated October 2, 2017, the writer who went by the name “Kratom Expert” denounced the limited information offered by kratom retailers regarding the brand.

Furthermore, the WeKratom.com reviewer censured the absence of details available about the product’s origin, the nature of the leaves used on its production, and the proper dosages.

The incorrect statement about the weight accuracy and correct costing was also criticized. The reviewer did not recommend kratom users to avail the Purple Sticky Kratom product.

5) Product Advertisement by SmokeTalk.Net

Information about the Purple Sticky Kratom available on this website said that this brand is popular for their product called “Purple Sticky Salvia” which is already available in kratom stores.

The advertisement indicated that the manufacturer is based in Nevada and offers kratom in different forms, like tinctures, capsules, crushed leaves, and the resin called Purple Sticky Kratom Taffy Kash.

The SmokeTalk.Net advertisement also directed interested consumers to visit the nearest head shops and smoke shops where they can buy the kratom merchandise.

At the bottom of the website, it says the year 2013 after the “Copyright” term and its symbol. This may indicate the last time the webpage was updated.

6) Product Review from KratomShop.com

A reviewer who went by the username “Kratom Specialist” posted a review on September 28, 2009. It criticized Purple Sticky Kratom for its name and product quality.

“Kratom Specialist” found the product shady and warned about manufacturers that use catchy yet misleading names as a mere marketing ploy to make the unfamiliar product appealing.

The reviewer informed the people of these companies which sell merchandise that are substandard in quality and who merely take advantage of customers who are not careful and inquisitive.

Enlightening the readers about the true nature of kratom, “Kratom Specialist” lambasted the color “purple” and the “sticky” nature, remarking that these are incorrect information about the herbal medicine.

The reviewer advised the kratom users to always be careful and probe about the products and their manufacturers.

Word of Advice Prior to Buying Kratom Products

It is natural for consumers to be curious about the manufacturers of the products that they purchase. A simple Google search to discover what the mission and vision of the company are would help them identify key details about the maker of the products they are buying. This internet activity can also provide relevant information such as the website of the company, images of their product line, and the process of making their offerings.

As the modern world is all about information, companies indubitably possess their official websites not only to sell their products but also to keep their customers informed regarding their authenticity and credibility.

However, with Purple Sticky Kratom, very little information can be found about it which customers can rely on. Apparently, customers cannot be guaranteed that they could buy a product that is safe and would give them great value for their money.

Furthermore, depending on mere hearsay and casual discussions online are certainly not the proper ways to obtain accurate and dependable information apropos to a product.

Purple Sticky Kratom’s operators may not show their sensibility to the customers who are interested to know more about their product offerings. It would be best if they notify the public regarding their current status.

Hence, customers should be wary and questioning. As we live in the information age, it is but right that consumers are intelligent and not just accepting of what is popular without fully understanding the product and its effects, both positive and negative.

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