Possible Causes for Some People Getting Kratom Weight Gain

Possible Causes for Some People Getting Kratom Weight Gain

Lately, there are reports of kratom weight gain by users. These cases may have been possible because of the limitations about the understanding of kratom.

A lot of restrictions caused the spread of ignorance towards kratom. A lot of what we know right now came from long-time kratom users.

It has been years since kratom first became popular and now people know more about it. This includes the amount of kratom you should take and what can happen when you take it.

The Right Dose to Take Kratom

There is no right amount for taking kratom, but there is a popular belief that you can take as much kratom as much as you want. But many kratom users who did this tell others to control their kratom intake.

Kratom has a high potency. Even a little bit can make you feel ‘high.’ But as they say, the higher you get, the harder you’ll crash.

Kratom crashes get harder the higher the volume of kratom is in your system. This is possible if you developed a tolerance for kratom over the course of your consumption of it.

To prevent a sudden increase in tolerance of kratom, you should keep your intake of kratom to a small amount. This way, you’ll continue to enjoy taking kratom for a long time.

The right dose for a person varies from person to person. But, here are some suggestions on how much kratom you should take:

  • Small dose: two to four grams of kratom
  • Moderate dose: three to five grams
  • Large dose: above five grams

These are a few of the suggestions from users to would-be kratom users for taking in their kratom. A lot do advocate the use of kratom and, while they are doing so, they give more tips on what to do when taking it.

Do You Need to Have an Empty Stomach?

Possible Causes for Some People Getting Kratom Weight Gain

One of the most important tips when taking kratom is to consume it on an empty stomach. This is to ensure that your body will absorb the kratom as you swallow it in a powder or as a capsule.

Plus the kratom will have nothing to interact with inside the stomach. This means that the effects of the kratom get distributed throughout the body.

This control on eating can also give users the benefit of weight loss, one of the effects of taking kratom. So, why are some users experiencing the opposite?

What Is Causing Kratom Weight Gain?

One of the benefits of using kratom is weight loss. It would seem that getting kratom weight gain might be a side effect that some users will get.

It might not be kratom that causes this unexpected change of weight. Rather, it might be how these users take in their kratom.

These are some theories as to why people do experience kratom weight gain:

  • Starving oneself to consume kratom
  • Having kratom with sweet food
  • Excessive weight loss during the intake of kratom

A lot of beginners misunderstand the advice of consuming kratom with an empty stomach. Some have gone as far as not eating a proper meal anymore. Skipping meals can trick your brain to want to eat more, rather than less.

Avoid skipping meals as much as possible. You should eat something before kratom consumption. You can take a very light meal to be certain.

Kratom causes weight loss to some users since it’s a natural appetite suppressor. Some users also noticed how their craving towards high-calorie foods lessened.

The change of taste might be because the alkaloids in kratom rewire their brains’ pathways. This means they might not find pleasure in junk foods anymore, thanks to kratom.

A user can experience weight changes, from gradual to sudden weight gain. What users should do is to track what they are eating and reduce the amount of kratom they take. If it is causing the weight change, then he or she should act accordingly.

Plenty of users do integrate kratom in other foods since they don’t like the bitter taste or smell. They should choose a healthier alternative than adding it to sweets or pastries. If you like coffee, yogurt or protein shakes, put the kratom in there to reduce your calorie intake too.

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