Looking at the Facts About The Kratom and Tramadol Combination

Looking at the Facts About The Kratom and Tramadol Combination

Kratom has many uses. It can be used recreationally or medically. Some prefer Kratom for medical use because it is natural unlike any other psychological substance produced by drug companies nowadays.

Many people also like combining Kratom with other substances to increase or reduce the effect of those substances. While this practice is safe at moderate levels, no harm may come if users will just practice caution.

The Kratom and Tramadol combination is common, and people have used this combination. But, you may not be reading this if you already know about this substance combination. You better start reading and taking notes if you really want to try Tramadol and Kratom.

Getting To Know Tramadol

There are a lot of drugs in the pharmacy that you may not know about, and Tramadol may be one of those drugs. Tramadol is not a fancy brand name for a particular drug. It is a generic name for a prescription drug for pain relief.

However, you should take note that tramadol is a “prescription drug.” This means that the pharmacist won’t just hand you tramadol like handing a pack of skittles. You should show your doctor’s prescription before you can buy Tramadol.

Tramadol comes in tablets or capsules depending on the level of pain that it aims to relieve. Usually, tramadol tablets relieve moderate to severe pain for adults. It also belongs to a class of pain relief drugs called opiate narcotic analgesics.

Tramadol works by changing how your brain treats pain. A popular brand name for tramadol is Ultram. On the other hand, Ultracet is a combination of tramadol and acetaminophen.

Though Tramadol is used to treat pain, this drug can still be abused. The reason why tramadol can make a person “high” is that it is an opiate drug. If it is an opiate drug, don’t misconstrue it as opium but it has opioid-like effects.

In the United States, there are 379 tramadol overdose deaths in 2011. That’s the reason why FDA declared tramadol as a controlled substance.

Tramadol increases the risk of seizures even taken at regular doses especially for those with a history of seizures, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or depression. People with suicidal tendencies should not take tramadol.

You should also take note that tramadol is habit-forming. Thus, taking tramadol will increase your tolerance, and it will make you dependent.

The Kratom and Tramadol Combination

Here’s the deal. Don’t take kratom and tramadol both at the same time. Reddit users recommend that you take kratom two hours after taking tramadol. Also, it is recommended that you should take tramadol as prescribed by your doctor.

Looking at the Facts About The Kratom and Tramadol Combination

Don’t try to overdose yourself in tramadol especially if taken with kratom. Other users report that kratom nullifies the effect of tramadol. This, in turn, will give you the urge to take more tramadol because you feel that it is not working.

Therefore, conservative users recommend that you shouldn’t take kratom within 24 hours of taking tramadol. Aside from that, never go beyond 400mg of tramadol. Stick to the prescription.

Maintain your kratom dosage below 8 mg as much as possible. When you feel that it’s not working, don’t push yourself to take more because it will be dangerous for health and it might cost you your life.

Precautions When Taking Kratom and Tramadol

First and foremost, kratom and tramadol are both stimulants. It’s like fire with fire. It’s better that you keep in mind the following points:

  • It is a big no to take kratom and tramadol when you recently drank alcohol or any sedatives.
  • Pregnant women should refrain from drinking kratom and tramadol. Don’t drink anything unless allowed by the doctor.
  • Do not mix kratom and tramadol if you are a lactating mother.
  • If you are taking antidepressants or muscle relaxants, seizures may occur if you take kratom and tramadol.
  • If you have asthma or intestinal obstruction, don’t take kratom and tramadol.

Always remember that drinking drugs and substances are for your own well-being. They are developed and designed to make you feel relieved from pain or any other ailment. However, always put a priority on your own safety.

Do not overdose yourself if you think that the drug is not working. Do not try experimenting with drug combinations just for the sake of fun. Prioritize your health and safety always.

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