Kratom Questions: How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Kratom Questions: How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Kratom users and those who are planning to use kratom have a lot of questions about kratom. One of these questions is “how long does kratom stay in your system?” Before you explore that topic, you must know first how kratom works. Many people have a lot of misconception on what kratom can do, and some don’t have any idea about it.

Kratom is an herbal drug that was introduced in the US as a legal substance. The active ingredient in this product is the alkaloid, which is the primary source of its excellent effects as well. The mitragynine in the kratom plant can stimulate opioid-like activity in a person’s brain and can reduce the responsiveness to pain.

Once kratom’s active components reach the brain, the anxiety and mood of the user will be immediately affected. Using kratom can provide euphoria, which is a similar effect that you can get from using heroin or opium.

How long before kratom take effect?

If you use kratom, you will start feeling the results after 10 to 15 minutes. Taking a low dosage of kratom can make the effect last for up to two hours. On the other hand, if you take kratom at a high dosage, the result can last for up to eight hours.

You can make the effect lasts for two hours if you take four to five grams of kratom. You can achieve long-lasting results by taking seven to eight grams of kratom. You can experience the peak of the impact of kratom around 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes of using it.

You can intensify the effects of kratom if you use it on an empty stomach. However, if you eat before taking kratom, you may not feel its effects, or you may have to wait for one hour or more before feeling its effects.

Moreover, if you take kratom in capsule form, the effect may take quite long as your stomach has to dissolve it first.

How long does kratom stay in your system?

Kratom Questions: How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Different people can have various reasons on why they want to know how long can kratom stay in their system. One of the primary reasons that they want to know about this is when they become too dependent on using kratom and wants to stop using it. However, they might have worries about the withdrawal symptoms that they might experience afterward.

Another reason is if a kratom user is about to take a drug test. Kratom cannot be seen in any drug tests, but still, some people are still worried about it.

Unfortunately, there is not much research about the half-life of kratom and most studies were tested on animals. Based on the reviews that have been done about kratom, researchers believed that the alkaloid in kratom called mitragynine has a half-life that can last for 23-24 hours.

If you would base on that study, it means that it would take almost a full day to get rid of 50% of kratom in your body. Moreover, it would only take you five days to completely clear the kratom from your system.

Based on recent studies, the fastest half-life of kratom can only be up to seven hours, which means that eliminating the kratom in your system can be done in 1.6 days.

However, on the slower side, it can take up to nine days to clear kratom in your system. There are studies as well that show that people who use kratom at low dosage or less regularly can eliminate kratom faster than regular users.

What are the factors that can affect the elimination of kratom?

Like other substances, several factors can affect how long can kratom stay in your system. The following are some factors that you should consider in determining the half-life or the elimination time of kratom:

  • Age
  • Body Fat
  • Genetics
  • Food and Water Intake

Other factors that can also affect the life of kratom in your body is your metabolic rate, urinary pH, and renal function. These factors can also be applied to other substances other than kratom.

Kratom has many beautiful effects, but you must not abuse the use of this substance as it may take you longer to eliminate kratom in your system.

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