Kratom Guide in Finding the Best Strain for a Beginner

Kratom Guide in Finding the Best Strain for a Beginner

Every individual is unique. A strain may be more stimulating and more sedating to an individual than to another. Thus, finding the right strain might take a while.

In this kratom guide, learn the best strain for your needs and body frame. You don’t need to consume kratom in a trial and error to find which one is sedating and which one is stimulating.

Different Types of Strains

Because of the environment where a certain kratom comes from, this medicinal plant has so many strains. Each strain gives different effects. The categories of strains are classified into three general types.

  • Sedating Kratom
  • Moderate Kratom
  • Stimulating Kratom

Sedating Kratom

As the name implies, sedating strains of kratom can improve sleeping patterns. By relaxing the muscles and calming your nerves, this kratom can make you sleep in no time.

The good thing about this strain is its effect when you wake up. Unlike sleeping pills, sedating kratom rejuvenates and refreshes your mind upon waking up. It feels like you’ve got a whole new level of energy.

Pain relief is a notable effect of a sedating strain. A stimulating effect is almost so little to none.

Moderate Kratom

This strain is the middle ground. It is neither sedating nor stimulating. Many kratom users find a moderate kratom strains a great addition to their medicinal plant arsenal.

Because of its relaxing effects, many people use it as their go-to kratom when they need a little boost of energy.

This strain has moderate pain relief and a mild stimulating effect. It can also be sedating if taken in very high dosage.

Stimulating Kratom

A stimulating kratom is like an energy drink. It helps you perform at your best or improves your mood if you’re feeling depressed.

This type of strain improves focus and increases the level of production. This strain is ideal for people who want to stay energized throughout a stressful day or event.

Vein Colors and Their Effect

Kratom Guide in Finding the Best Strain for a Beginner

Red, green, and white are the vein colors in kratom leaves. Vein colors refer to the color of stems on the leaves.

The vein colors give different effects. These colors represent the level of alkaloids in the leaf.

Red vein kratom is sedative in nature. It also relieves pain ranging from moderate to severe ones.

Green vein kratom is a moderate strain. You can use it every day. It relaxes your muscle but won’t make you sleep.

White vein kratom is the stimulating kind. It can elevate your depressed mood and increased energy levels.

Place of Origin as Naming a Strain

Perhaps, you are wondering about the place of origin. Probably, you’ve heard or read about Maeng da, Thai, Indo or Borneo strains.

Vendors and exporters use the place of origin to identify strains, too. Some vendors claim that a strain is more potent depending on the place of origin.

Kratom Extract

Kratom can come in different forms. It can be in crushed leaf or powder. Other vendors sell it in resin or liquid form.

Kratom extracts vary in potency. The leaf form is not as potent as the powder. However, it gives lesser side effects than other extracts do.

Powder kratom may have different potency depending on the method of extraction. Some powder extracts are harvested using boiling water while others are extracted using solvents.

It is best to stick with the standards and premiums if you’re a beginner. When you know your way around burning kratom, you can switch to more potent strains such as the ultra-enhanced types.

Dose Kratom Guide

Being new in using kratom can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s time to burn your first kratom. The safest way is to consume the minimum dose. It would be much better if you take below the minimum.

For example, the mild dose for kratom is 1 to 2 grams.  It would be best to burn kratom at 1 gram or half a gram to ascertain how a specific kratom affects your body.

The highest dose is 8 grams. Anything more than this dose can cause nausea and other side effects.

Since some strains of kratom are very potent, don’t make a habit of burning kratom at a high dose on a daily basis. Rotation is also an excellent way to break any dependency or tolerance on a specific strain.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner in burning kratom, a kratom guide is essential. Guidelines can help you decide and avoid mistakes such as overdose.

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