Kratom Gold: Is It Worth Buying for Your Medicinal Needs?

Kratom Gold: Is It Worth Buying for Your Medicinal Needs?

In Southeast Asian countries, native folks use kratom gold extracts for different ailments. This plant has opiate-like properties when consumed in any form. Despite its beneficial effects, studies are limited.

Kratom and its effects spread worldwide. It has become so popular with people who are experiencing unknown pain diseases. Just recently, Kratom sites are boasting of a new product called gold kratom reserves.

So, what’s the difference of this variety with the other types of extracts?

The gold kratom is more potent than the other varieties. The effect of the gold extract is almost similar to the white variety, which is the most potent of all.

Process of Extraction

Kratom manufacturers extract kratom in four ways. These are:

  • water-based method
  • liquid or tincture based
  • resin extraction, and
  • the UEI method.

The water-based extraction is the most common way of producing kratom extracts. It is less expensive than the other methods.

The liquid or tincture method uses alcohol to extract kratom. The alkaloids are less potent unlike the methods because most of the alkaloids disappear during the process.

The resin residue method is a reliable extraction. It involves the combination of water and alcohol to extract alkaloids in the kratom leaf.

The ultra-enhanced indo method involves high pressure and cold water. This method preserves the primary alkaloid in kratom leaves.

Since the method preserves the alkaloids, the gold variety is more potent than the other strains. The UEI method is also the most expensive way of extraction.

Benefits of Kratom Gold Extract

 Kratom Gold: Is It Worth Buying for Your Medicinal Needs?

Users say that they get quick results whenever they consume the gold extract. Their moods are significantly lighter and more manageable than the ordinary extracts.

The gold extract is beneficial in treating different inflammatory ailments. These may include treatments for autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, high level of cholesterol and other pains disorders.

In some cases, people use this extract to treat their withdrawal syndrome. Others use this as mood enhancers and energy boosters without the jittery effects.

Right Dosage and Variety

The kratom gold variety is very potent. Thus, you should be cautious in consuming it. If you are not sure of the right dose, start with two capsules or one gram.

Even if you are taking kratom for years or have tried other potent varieties, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll experience the same effects.

Although there are no known overdose cases with kratom, exercise caution and be on the safe side. In fact, with the gold variety, taking lesser dosage is more effective than high doses.

The gold variety comes in different forms. It could be in powdered form, capsules or leaves. Each type gives various effects.

Where to Buy

You can buy the gold variety in traditional herbal stores. In conventional herbal stores, you get to examine the product before purchasing it. You can even request a small dose to try.

You can also buy from online kratom sites. These sites offer discrete ways of purchasing the extract, convenient payment methods, and fast delivery methods.

Word of caution though, some sites may display their gold variety as such. But when you receive the actual product, it may be the same as the other less-potent varieties.

If you decide to buy online, be careful in selecting the supplier. Buy only from reputable sites with excellent customer reviews and customer service.

Some sites may claim that they’re using UEI method to increase the potency of their gold extracts. Be wary when you come across these sites.

Remember the UEI method is expensive. If you are ordering a less expensive gold extract, it might not be a real gold extract.

Some extractors of the gold variety are secretive of their actual method. The UEI method involves a special kind of equipment and perhaps solution, making it expensive in terms of overall price.

Order a test or small dose to try their product. So, you can attest to a manufacturer’s claim of the products’ potency.


Nowadays, buying kratom extract is easy. With one click, you can order the best kratom product available on the market.

Most people prefer buying online because of convenience and anonymity. You can select from the many kratom products available.

Before shelling out any money for gold extracts, examine the methods used by the manufacturer. If they claim using expensive methods, their pricing should follow.

Remember, expensive methods may mean costly pricing. Lastly, don’t buy in bulk the first time. Always order a test dose first to try out their kratom gold extracts.

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