Kratom Drug Test 2016: Does It Show Up in Urine Drug Testing?

Kratom Drug Test 2016: Does It Show Up in Urine Drug Testing?

Kratom offers mild psychoactive effect depending on the dosage. Oftentimes, a low dosage brings improvement on your concentration, pain reduction and promotes positivity. On the other hand, if you take the herb on a high dosage, the effect causes a deep sense of tranquility and lessens social anxiety.

Without a doubt, this herb is beneficial in many ways. However, if you are currently looking for a job, it is important to know whether or not Kratom will show up or alter the result of your drug test.

Of course, Kratom has been considered as a legal substance in some other countries, but the FDA has not approved it.

As an alkaloid-containing drug, Kratom cannot be seen in a standardized drug test when tested in urine. The test most commonly used to determine its presence are NIDA5 and extended 10-panel urine.

Both of these tests will show a negative result because the plant itself does not contain a specific chemical makeup that is similar to any illicit medications that are designed to discover during a urinalysis testing.

Since mitragynine is chemically different from the usual substances found on other drugs such as morphine and methadone, it simply will not appear in the urine. There are also countries that legalized the use of such a strain.

Therefore, you should not worry about taking Kratom if you have an impending drug test.

Is There Any Possibility That Kratom Will Show in the Urine?

Kratom Drug Test 2016: Does It Show Up in Urine Drug Testing?

There is no possibility. However, there is a test specifically used and designed to screen such substances. This was since the DEA announced that Kratom should be included in the Schedule I of Controlled Substances Act back in August of 2016.

Yet, this was deferred, and withdrawal of intent by the DEA was announced in October of the same year. Thus, kratom drug test 2016 came to be.

This is a test which is exclusively tailored to find mitragynine residue and its metabolite in urine. Of course, you cannot imagine how unlikely it is to encounter such laboratory testing since it is protected by laws, although there are countries that strictly prohibit its usage.

Then again, as mentioned above, kratom is almost used legally everywhere, so there’s no reason to do it.

Does Kratom Produce False Positive Result?

There is no possibility that mitragynine, which is a substance found in kratom gives a false positive result during a standard urine test. In fact, it is unlikely to reveal in this procedure.

However, you need to confess to the testers that you are taking medications or supplements before the test.

The reason for this is that some chemicals, like Ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine, can affect the outcome of the test. So, when one uses kratom while taking any of these substance-containing drugs, it may result in positive for opiates.

It has been a long time documented in one of the European countries that a person is positive for certain drugs but not with kratom.

Although it shows the sensitivity that may affect other containing substances, as long as it is consumed solely, a false positive result is unlikely to happen.

So, when you are thinking of taking kratom with other medication and plan for drug testing, you must be aware of this possibility that it may affect your employment.

Kratom and Opiate: Their Differences and Similarities

Several individuals are confused between kratom and opiates. While kratom is an alkaloid containing agent which reacts with cell receptors similar to where opiates interact, this might somehow bring a false positive result during drug testing.

Oftentimes, opiates have a negative impact on these receptor cells, and this causes addictions.

As compared to Mitragyna Speciosa plant that contains kratom, such adverse reaction will not happen. It does not bring harm to the brain and results in no addictive tendency.

Instead, one must know that kratom is helpful than opiates. It is used to minimize the adverse effects of opiate-containing agents and the withdrawal symptoms experienced.

Consequences for Kratom Positive Urine

Since kratom is undetectable on urine, you need not worry about impending drug test. Just keep in mind that researchers believed that it is safe to consume. It has an analgesic effect which reduces pain receptors in the body.

Some companies develop this plant to produce a marketable drug that helps patient having chronic and acute pain due to underlying medical conditions.

When looking for job opportunities while taking this herb, you should free your mind from worrying because Kratom does not show up your drug test result.

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