Kratom and Drug Tests: Can the Substance Be Detected

Kratom and Drug Tests: Can the Substance Be Detected

When looking for a new job, a drug test is one of the most common requirements in today’s modern world. A lot of companies require a drug test to applicants before giving them a position. For some companies, they conduct drug tests on current employees.

The Reason Behind Conducting Drug Tests for Applicants

There are too many reasons why most companies today require drug tests on their applicants or employees. First of all, it prevents alcohol or drug consumption in the workplace.

Second, it provides a safe and healthy work environment, thus complying with the State Laws or Federal Regulations.

The Status of Drug Testing on Current Employees

Kratom and Drug Tests: Can the Substance Be Detected

When you conduct drug tests on your current employees, there are too many leeway’s allowed. The most common request is to submit a urine sample. Such urine test may be conducted at the doctor’s office, job site, clinic, or other place chosen by the employers.

The test would only take one day. In this manner, the probability that any substances in the bloodstream eliminated from the body is lessened.

Common Methods Used for Drug Testing

Most of the time, employers choose urine analysis over other methods. It would not be difficult to determine the result since the presence of drug metabolites in the urine means a positive result. While the method is effective in detecting the presence of illegal drugs, this method is not accurate when it comes to identifying the presence of alcohol.

Aside from the urine sample, other methods such as hair, blood, saliva, and sweat tests are used, but they are not common.

For the urine sample, the laboratory authorized to do as such will examine the urine to determine the substances. Such procedure has two stages, the preliminary phase, and the confirmatory test.

During the preliminary phase, an immunoassay test will be performed by the laboratory. This detects the presence of molecules to determine whether the person has used the illegal or unauthorized substance.

The preliminary process ends here if you get negative results. If not then, you should undergo a confirmatory test.

During this phase, the result will either confirm or not confirm the immunoassay test results. By doing so, a separate segment will undergo another test called the GC-MS test to locate metabolites or specific drug compounds to calculate the quantity of drug in the system.

The Presence of Specific Drugs Determined During a Drug Test

The employers ask a 5-panel test for street drugs including cannabis, opiates, PCP (Phencyclidine), amphetamines, and cocaine. The employers do not request kratom. They are not even looking for opiates.

There is no direct correlation from the moment kratom stays in your body system to every single drug test. While it may appear on specific tests that detect the presence of alkaloids, a basic drug test does not usually require the presence of these compounds.

To put your mind at ease, if you can avoid kratom for two weeks, doing so will help if you are worried about the impending test.

You should be thankful that Kratom contents are far different from the contents of other drugs that show on tests.

Duration of Kratom in the Human Body

As soon as kratom enters your body, it is the responsibility of the liver to metabolize it. By then, kratom is transformed into metabolites, and the kidneys will eliminate them.

The duration of eliminating the substance will always depend on its kind.

Factors such as overall health, age, weight, and height will play an important role. The frequency of use and the potency of kratom ingested will determine how long it will stay in the system.

Overall, this depends on the amount of kratom that you take.

Half-life is the term used to define a time needed to lower a substance in the system. The human system eliminates quicker if the half-life of such substance is shorter.

In Kratom, there are two major alkaloids: 7-Hydroxymitragyne and Mitragynine.

According to the present studies, 3.85 ± ~1 hour is the typical half-life elimination of mitragynine. This depends on your level of enzymes together with the other factors.

On the other hand, 7-Hydroxymitragyne has 2.5 ± 0.7 hours as an average elimination of half-life.

Kratom is available in online stores, local head shops, smoke shops, gas stations, and convenience stores in various forms because it is not an illegal substance.

The mere fact that the FDA has not approved it and it can serve as an alternative remedy for addicts has its users panicked. Nonetheless, there is no direct correlation between kratom and drug tests.

Kratom is rich in alkaloids, a substance that binds to opioid receptors. However, they do not belong to opiate drugs and cannot be detected during drug tests.

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