How Possible to Purchase a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC

How Possible to Purchase a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC

Due to the Kratom’s popularity, a lot of people are asking if they can purchase a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC.

The scientific name of kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa. This is an evergreen tree endemic to the countries in Southeast Asia.

People in Asia have been using this plant for centuries. According to the natives, this is an effective alternative to treat chronic pain, boost the body and mind, and to replenish the energy.

But despite reported benefits, still, it is impossible to purchase a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC. Even other local stores like Walmart do not sell this herb.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is skeptical about this plant. According to the agency, this plant will induce harmful substances to the body of the users.

For you to understand why the FDA is not supporting kratom, read the information here.

Why the FDA Wants to ban the use of Kratom Products

  • No Reliable Evidence. The FDA has been very firm since the beginning that the use of kratom is dangerous to one’s health. While personal accounts are supporting the positive of this plant, it cannot dispose of the idea that the plant contains fatal compounds.

Not until compelling scientific research or study is affirming that the use of this Southeast Asian plant is safe, the FDA will be a forever antagonist of kratom.

  • Not a Medicine for Opioid Addiction. The agency warned the public that there has yet concrete evidence that kratom is indeed effective in eliminating the symptoms of drug withdrawal. In fact, according to the FDA, a lot of opioid users that switched to taking kratom have found out that they did not free themselves from the addiction.

  • Addictive. Another reason why this plant must be banned is that it is highly addictive. Kratom contains an active alkaloid that targets the brain.


Based on a study, 80% of the people who used kratom for six months became dependent on the said plant. Also, people who switched kratom to manage the opiate withdrawal symptoms experienced worst adverse effects.

The FDA is alarmed that there will be a rapid increase in drug addicts who would try the use of kratom. To minimize the risk, the said agency is lobbying to make this plant illegal in all countries and states.

If you want to know the states that legalized this plant, refer to the following list.

U.S. States That Marked Kratom as an Illegal Substance

How Possible to Purchase a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC

In general, kratom is legal in the United States. However, some states banned the use and selling of the said plant.

  • Arkansas

  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee


Since you cannot buy kratom at GNC, you need to outsource this plant either in head shops or websites. If you want to order online, make sure to visit the following sites.

Top 3 Legitimate Online Kratom Suppliers (2018)

  • PurKratom. The authenticity if its products are affirmed by a lot of users who posted reviews online. This company offers a free shipping delivery (same day) without imposing a minimum purchase.

Also, the PurKratom is employing a money- back guarantee scheme to all users who are not satisfied with their products.

You can order powder or capsule in this site if you are 21 years of age or older.

  • Krabot. This is another supplier that is known to sell premium strain. The Krabot offers a wide selection of products. This vendor provides a free shipping charge to all its loyal customers.

Since this provider is proven to sell only quality products, there’s no money- back guarantee enclosure to its web tabs.

  • Kratora (BuyKratom.US). If you want a quality strain, make sure to order on this site. The Kratora assures the customers that their products have passed the strict quality check.

Once you are not satisfied with the products, you can avail their 30- day full money back guarantee.

Another reason why you must choose this vendor is that it gives a lot of perks. One of their popular promotions is the ‘kratora point.’ When a user accumulates a total of 250 kratora points, it can be converted into $25.

These are the important information that you must know about kratom. Just always remember that you can’t buy a Mitragyna Speciosa GNC.

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