How Important Is It to Provide Samples of Kratom to Customers?

How Important Is It to Provide Samples of Kratom to Customers?

Samples are very significant to consumers because it gives them the idea of how good the item they plan to purchase is. There are various reviews that can be read online giving positive or negative feedback about a specific product. Some say they are effective while others say they are not.

Of course, there are reasons why sellers provide samples. Firstly, some of the products sold come in huge packaging, which can weigh up to 300 grams. If there are unsatisfied customers, they cannot simply return it to the vendor.

That is why sellers offer up to 10-gram samples of their kratom strains to ensure the satisfaction of their buyers. As a result, there will be no regrets once a customer makes a purchase. Aside from that, there is also no wasting of money.

Secondly, some users have a sensitivity to various strains. Once they bought the item and found out later that they are allergic to it, they cannot use it anymore. As a result, giving them ample amount of kratom for free might help them gauge whether or not the product will not develop any sensitivity or reactions to them.

Lastly, some strains are effective to other users, while several of it might not give health benefits. Since the products cannot be returned if the customers do not like it, samples are very necessary. It is to test the effectivity before buying it.

Therefore, providing them with free samples they wish to get is quite a big help in preventing wastage of time, money, and effort. Find out various sellers who offer kratom samples in 2017.

Different Sellers That Offer Samples of Kratom in 2017

How Important Is It to Provide Samples of Kratom to Customers?

There are lists of online vendors that offer samples of kratom. Some give it for free while others are sold at a much lower price.

  1. Kratomind – It is an online seller based in Indonesia. Most of their products are purely high in quality since kratom is native to Southeast Asia. Therefore, it is abundantly grown in this area.

You are lucky because they are generous in giving samples for free. Of course, the site itself want to test first its offered products before purchasing a large number of items to avoid any returns. This is because it will be bad publicity if one of their customers returns the purchased product.

  1. Gaia Ethnobotanicals – It is one of the reputable and acclaimed vendors of kratom in 2017, and is also popular in giving plenty of promotions. One of its promos is proving samples for the different variants of products the company is selling. They give 5 grams for free for their customers who purchase at least 200 grams or has a payout of at least $150.

Although this seller does not give their products for free, they offer it as a welcome sample at a cheaper cost. They only give five strains of sample namely: Gold Maeng Da, Bali Gold, Green Maeng Da, Elephant, and Green Kapuas Hulu. – This site offers wholesale of kratom strains. That is why they intend to give samples for their customers before purchasing the item. This is to ensure that there are no regrets on the side of their buyers before buying the products.

They give a minimum of two samples of your choice with no money involved. If you are a new customer, they will give you a 10-gram sample of the products you wish to purchase. All you have to do is to pay the shipping cost which is $49, and you will receive the item after four days.

  1. Kratom exchange – This site is very meticulous when it comes to their products. They purely extracted the kratoms they sell by planting kratoms in their farms using fertilizers. As the trees matured, they manufacture powders and capsules from various strains and then sell them online.

There are various methods on how they offer their samples to their customers. Firstly, for new or first-time buyers, they offer 3 to 10-gram pack. They can select red, white, or green strain for free for first-time purchases and even give 15% discounts to returning buyers.

Secondly, users may get samples once they reach $15 of purchased items weighing from 10 to 115 grams. It is quite reasonable. Therefore, if you wish to consider this seller, you will not regret your decision.

  1. Greg’s Botanical s- It was popular in 2017 because they have lower prices compared to their competitors. Being a family-operated business, they have their own set of farmers. Therefore, most of their produced items are made from the family’s farm.

This is the reason why they have an inexpensive price for their products. Aside from the lower cost, they also offer generous promotions such as free samples when you buy any from green, red, and white strains of kratom. Once you buy from them, they will give you $3 for shipping fees.

Overall, you can save a lot of money from them. They even give rewards to customers who refer their site to their friends.

Important Warnings to Customers About Kratom Samples in 2017

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging the public to review carefully the kratom products they wish to purchase online. This is because various sites offer fake products which might harm everyone’s health. Some are not even approved by the agency.

According to some federal officers, they have been conducting research about kratom lately and found no therapeutic effects. This means that it does not contain healthful benefits for the people. This is the reason why they discourage everyone not to rely on this plant.

However, users who experienced the medicinal benefits of it strongly argue that this does give relief to the pain that they are suffering. It is like taking a synthetic drug which has the same effect as pain relievers and mood enhancers. In fact, they emphasized that kratom is purely organic. Thus, it does not harm the body.

Overall, you still need to choose the medications you are taking, whether herbs or not, for it will keep you safe from any unwanted reactions. The FDA only wants the best for the people; thus, they keep reminding them about buying kratoms and kratom samples in 2017.  

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