Guideline for Free Kratom Free Shipping Deals

Guideline for Free Kratom Free Shipping Deals

Many people recognize the benefits of kratom. Mostly, these people are suffering from certain kinds of illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain. Others who want to address their opiate withdrawal syndrome resort to kratom consumption.

Thus, websites that sell kratom products are everywhere on the Internet. Often, they offer free kratom, free shipping promotions to attract new customers. So, it is becoming difficult to determine whether these sites are offering these kinds of promos.

Why should you opt for samples first before buying any strains or in bulk?

  1. You can choose the right strain for you before investing in bulk purchases.
  2. You can try whether the product is of high quality or not.
  3. You will know whether the site’s customer service is excellent or poor.
  4. You can attest to the trustworthiness of a kratom site.
  5. You won’t be wasting money on poor service, inferior product, and incorrect strain.

How to Get Samples?

In this guideline, know the different ways of how to get free kratom of the same strain or other types. Most of these sites also offer free shipping, too.

New Account

Many kratom sites offer free samples to new customers. If you’re figuring out which one strain to select, you can create new accounts in these sites.

You can check out as many as you want. However, you might have a hard time remembering all these new accounts.

So, choose those reputable sites that offer samples to new customers. These websites have a plethora of choices. You can choose from seven different strains, given as samples.

Minimum Purchase

Some sites are offering minimum purchase to avail of free kratom. Qualified orders depend on the minimum amount. Remember, a minimum purchase may or may not exclude shipping costs and discount prices.

For example, a minimum purchase of $50 will qualify you one ounce of free kratom. Sites like Authentic Kratom offer such kinds of promotions.

Coupon Codes

There are different ways to get coupon codes. These codes are often available in the site you are visiting. Alternatively, you can get coupon codes from blogs or social media accounts.

Often, these codes are combined with other promos like a minimum purchase to qualify for a free kratom or free shipping. Other sites use these codes in giving discounts.

Another way of getting coupon codes is email subscription. If you want to get the latest codes, subscribe to the updates of the site where you created an account.

Reward Points

Some sites offer a reward points system. You can use these points to redeem your free kratom. The flip side of this option is that you have to spend first on purchases before you could avail of free kratom, free shipping.

Visit a Traditional Herbal Store

If you know a brick-and-mortar store that sells kratom, you can visit it. Some herbal stores that sell kratom would be happy to give you some samples.

If you don’t know any traditional herbal store, then you can ask your friends or your friendly neighbor whom you think is using kratom for references.

Where to Get Free Kratom?

Guideline for Free Kratom Free Shipping Deals

There are hundreds of kratom sites when you do your research. Which one should you choose? Here are the top seven kratom sites to visit:


These sites offer different ways to get free samples. Creating new accounts, placing a minimum order, getting coupon codes or earning points are some of the ways you can get samples.

Some sites offer all of the ways mentioned in this guideline. Others only provide one or two ways to avail of free samples.

What to Expect From Free Samples?

Since you are getting kratom for free, should you expect less? No, you should still be receiving a high-quality product and excellent customer service. “You get what you pay for” doesn’t apply.

Samples are often 1g to 10g. The strain is often specific although some sites offer different types of strains.

The most popular strain as a sample is the green maeng da or any strain from Thailand. It is rare to see premium strains given as samples.

A starter pack is the most popular type of sample pack. It often includes four to five different strains, usually weighing 10 grams for each strain. This pack is best for beginners or those who want to try other strains.


Getting your free sample shouldn’t that hard to obtain. There are many reputable kratom sites out there. All you need to do is explore and read on reviews. Use this guideline to help you get free kratom, free shipping deals.

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