Can You Smoke Kratom to Enjoy Its Benefits?

Can You Smoke Kratom to Enjoy Its Benefits?

You might have heard about kratom from a friend, or you might have read about it somewhere, thus rousing your curiosity. You may now want to know more about this Southeast Asian tree which has leaves that are said to be an effective remedy for ailments, besides providing the ability to promote relaxation or reduce tension.

Smoking kratom leaves is popular in many cultures where the trees are abundant. Kratom has stimulant and opioid-like effects that are comparable to that of marijuana. According to experts, you will need 20 to 25 grams of kratom leaves if you want to experience the desired effect.

Chewing the leaves and brewing them into a tea can deliver more benefits. But, the fact that you are here means that you want to know if you… “Can you smoke kratom?”.

You Can, But It’s Not the Best Idea

Technically, you can smoke kratom. However, there are better methods of taking kratom that will allow you to enjoy its benefits. Here are a few of the reasons why you should not smoke kratom:

  •    First of all, it is an inefficient way to use kratom, and while there may be some positive effects, the consequences outweigh them.
  •    To get desirable effects, you would have to smoke a large amount of kratom leaves. Doing so, however, will take a toll on your lungs. Can you smoke kratom without exposing yourself to some serious respiratory problems? No, you can’t.
  •    Kratom leaves contain a high amount of tar. When you smoke kratom, its tar content will go directly into your lungs and increase your risk of cancer.
  •    It would be a lot more costly smoking kratom compared to ingesting it. You will have to use about 20% to 40% more kratom if you choose to smoke it compared to taking it in the form of tea or powder.

Can You Smoke Kratom Safely?

Perhaps, you don’t mind spending more. You want to know if there is any way that you can decrease the risks and smoke kratom in a “safer” way. Unfortunately, there is no way to go around it.

One main reason is that kratom is typically found in either capsule or powder form. Aside from the impracticality involved in smoking the fine powder, doing so would also prove to be dangerous.

If you are going to use a pipe to smoke kratom, there is a possibility of accidentally inhaling the fine burning powder. Using a binder to hold kratom powder together would be challenging, as well. It may even result in the product getting wasted.

It would be more practical to smoke kratom leaves. The problem in doing so is that you cannot find full kratom leaves in the market easily. Kratom leaves are made into powder before they get exported.

Can Kratom Be Vaporized?

Can You Smoke Kratom to Enjoy Its Benefits? 1

You may also be wondering if it is possible, at all, to vaporize kratom. However, as is with smoking, it is possible, but it is not a recommended method of consuming kratom.

For one, kratom leaves have to be processed, and the ingredients have to be extracted for you to be able to vape the substance. That, in itself, will prove tedious. Another problem is that when the extraction process is done improperly, active ingredients may be present in varying proportions.

What this means is that you may not get the effects that you are looking for. Or, even if you do get some desired effects, the kratom may not be of the quanitity required in order for it to be beneficial. You may also suffer from adverse effects like hallucinations.

Another option that you might be considering is taking kratom in liquid form. Kratom liquids, however, are often mixed with other substances. You cannot be certain that you will obtain the effects that you desire.

But if you do choose to do so, how can you smoke kratom?

As mentioned above, you would need a high volume of kratom leaves. Smoking the plant leaves will neutralize most of their active ingredients.

You can opt to brew kratom tea and evaporate the water. This will leave you with a resin extract that you can vape. But, as this will require a significant amount in order to provide the requisite effects, this method can be costly.

So for the question “Can you smoke kratom?”, the short answer is yes – but you should always consider the drawbacks that come with doing so.

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