Buying Guide: The Vendor Known as Motarkbest Kratom

Buying Guide: The Vendor Known as Motarkbest Kratom

Motark Kratom, also known as motarkbest kratom or motarkbest in kratom boards and forums, is a known vendor of various kratom strains in the United States.

Humble beginnings

Motark became known as a new shop three years ago in 2015, offering free samples of his products in kratom related forums and discussion boards. And while users are wary of new vendors and the quality of their products, Motark soon proved himself worthy of people’s trust.

Based in New York City, he is one e-mail away for all your kratom needs.

Reputation as a vendor

  • Customer Service – like most small businesses, Motark’s reputation was mainly reliant on the feedback and reviews of his customers. Many have reaffirmed that he was a legitimate seller who had impressive customer service. Said to be easy to talk to and trustworthy, many praised his hands-on approach to his business.
  • Prices – A lot of people were skeptical about his legitimacy as a kratom vendor when he first went live with his site. It was primarily due to his prices, the lowest any quality vendor offered.
  • Delivery – Mixed posts about delivery can be found, but a great majority claimed he was speedy, given the different distances the package needed to cover. One even commented to have received his order only 2 hours after purchased.

Motarkbest Kratom Strains

Buying Guide: The Vendor Known as Motarkbest Kratom

According to different comments, posts, and reviews, his selection of kratom strains is top notch, with people using the words “best,” “favorite” and a term that seems to be exploding in the discussion boards, “bomb.” Here are some of the kratom strains he has been known to sell.

  • Green Maeng Da or GMD – believed to be the strain with the highest alkaloid content, it’s considered to be a powerful stimulant. It has analgesic and pain-relieving properties as well as euphoric sensations. Motark’s product has been said to be quite potent yet 4 times less expensive.
  • Green Hulu Kapuas or GHK – a rare strain and one that quickly goes out of stock. Acts as both a sedative and mood booster.
  • Other best-seller strains include Green Malay, Green Thai, Red Maeng Da or RMD, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Hulu, Red Vein, Red Elephant, and Red Bentuangie.

Meanwhile, some of the less common strains available for purchase with this seller include:

  • Gold Kali
  • White Vein
  • White Horn
  • White horn #2
  • Sumatra
  • Sampler Pack of a variety of kratom

Vendor Wars and Kratom Ban Threats

There have been stories of vendor wars in the kratom market, some remarking it is a cut-throat competition. Some vendors have been reported to “snitch” on others and get them into trouble.

Apart from these internal scuffles, both the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have been trying to suppress the spread of kratom. And though it is legal in the US, some states like Tennessee, Indiana, and Wisconsin have already banned the supplement.

This makes it all the more daunting to pursue a kratom business.

Out of Sight

Around the start of 2018, posts about Motark’s dwindling stocks had surfaced with no news when he was planning on restocking his strains. A message from his site informed the kratom community that he was going on vacation. But as the months passed on, it was clear that Motark was gone.

Some have speculated that due to the pressure of kratom, customs or the FDA may be holding imports since they have claimed to seize any incoming package. Another theory is the incurring fees should he continue the business.

With Motark being one of the truly affordable and legitimate sources of kratom, the community was saddened by the news. One user from Reddit commented that it was the “end of an era.”

As of October 2018, there are no updates for “motarkbest kratom,” and the site is inaccessible. Although there are “Motark” accounts in places like, it is unsure whether they’re active or the same.


Though Motarkbest Kratom as a brand is gone, his reputation, great customer service, and quality products seem to be remembered fondly by his loyal customers. With the emergence of new vendors in the kratom industry, his top-notch strains are still being used to compare them with.

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