Buy Kratom Seeds: Challenge of Growing your own Kratom Tree

Buy Kratom Seeds: Challenge of Growing your own Kratom Tree

Do you want to buy kratom seeds and grow a beautiful Kratom tree? Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) grows in the swampy, moist and tropical Southeast Asian regions. It is a sturdy tree that can grow to as high as 30 meters (98 feet).

The seeds of the Kratom tree are small and delicate. They need to be planted in fertile soils so they will sprout and grow to become a tree. Though Kratom seeds easily sprout, germination rate is quite low. Kratom seeds are best planted in pod heads.

Will Kratom Seeds Grow in the U.S.?

There are two things to consider in planting Kratom seeds in the U.S.

  • Warm climate

The warm climate in the Gulf coast and Florida regions are favorable for kratom seeds to sprout and hopefully germinate to grow into a gigantic tree. These regions have the closest tropical climate to support the growth of a Kratom tree.

  • Legal Rules

Before you buy kratom seeds, check the legalities of planting Kratom trees in your region. Louisiana and Indiana for instance do not allow the cultivation of Kratom trees.

Before embarking on your Kratom planting project consider the cost of planting and cultivating Kratom seeds. It may be more cost effective to buy Kratom capsules or powder than growing your own tree.

Gardening however offers mood boosting effects and many consider it as a very relaxing hobby. If you believe you stand to benefit from this project, go ahead and grow your own Kratom tree.

Challenges to Face When you Buy Kratom Seeds

The very first challenge to confront when growing your own Kratom tree is finding the seeds. You need to find and buy only fresh Kratom seeds. Kratom seeds are relatively tiny so you will need a ton of them to evenly get one plant to grow,

Kratom seeds are hard to find in the U.S. but they are available. They are expensive, too. Since you need to get hold of the freshest seeds, you need to find a vendor that provides fast shipping so the seeds get to you as fresh as they can get.

How to Plant Kratom Seeds

Fresh Kratom seeds have a germination rate of 20%. The not-so fresh seeds have about 10%. You need to plant about 5 to 10 Kratom seeds in every pot to ensure that one seed might germinate and grow.

Buy Kratom Seeds: Challenge of Growing your own Kratom Tree

You should also remember that Kratom seeds are extremely light.  There is therefore a big possibility that they will get blown and pollinate in another area instead of where you planted it.

It is relatively easy to plat Kratom seeds:

  1. Drop 5 to 10 Kratom seeds in a pot
  2. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of very fertile soil.
  3. Regularly sprinkle water on the pot.

Kratom seeds have a higher rate of germination when they are planted within a few days they have been removed from the parent tree. Kratom seeds are most viable under this condition.

Here are some things you need to remember if you are serious with the idea of growing your own Kratom tree:

  • Order fresh and a lot of Kratom seeds. Planting hundreds of Kratom seeds to find a few that will germinate is not a remote possibility.
  • Choose a spot in your garden with sufficient sunlight but not too sunny which will dry up the soil. This is to mimic the lighting environment of a tropical rainforest. (
  • Choose a spot with fertile and moist soil. The area should also have good drainage.
  • Choose a spot that will get a good amount of breeze. Alkaloid production is enhanced when the plant gets a gentle breeze. If you cannot find such an area in your garden, you can use a fan to provide your plant with a gentle breeze.
  • Be generous with fertilizers especially during the early stages of plant growth.

More importantly, be patient!  Kratom seeds will start to sprout three weeks after you planted them. After six months you can already transplant the Kratom plant to the ground.

When your Kratom tree is at least one year old, you can start to harvest its leaves and enjoy your Kratom tea. It is however best to wait for the leaves to be at their most potent state (

Autumn is usually the best time to harvest Kratom leaves because it is during this season that Kratom leaves have the highest levels of alkaloids.

If you are serious about growing your own Kratom tree, buy kratom seeds only from vendors who sell fresh seeds.

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