Answer to the Question: Can You Smoke Kratom Resin?

Answer to the Question: Can You Smoke Kratom Resin?

In typical situations, snorting a drug makes it more effective because it goes directly into the bloodstream. It is a faster way of experiencing drug effects than oral consumption. But, people ask the question, “Can You Smoke Kratom Resin?”

In regular intake, the intestinal lining or the stomach walls absorb the drug as it goes through the bloodstream. Thus, a person can experience the peak effects in as little as an hour.

Snorting Kratom

However, if one puffs kratom, it goes through the mucous membranes and to the brain. Kratom binds to receptors and provides intense and quick effects.

You can snort kratom resin, but it is a rare practice. Some users, who have abused opioids, did not feel any effect because their central nervous system is already tolerant of opioid-like chemicals. However, if you are not into opiates, you will experience a high feeling.

Some users do not snort kratom because they need more of the powder before they can feel its effects. Kratom has massive amounts of plant fiber and cellulose that are not intoxicating. Thus, they need more kratom resin into their system because they experience its benefits.

On the other hand, taking the capsule form or brewing kratom tea allows the users to digest a significant amount of the alkaloids into the bloodstream.

Some studies show that snorting kratom can damage the upper respiratory system, nose, and throat because the body cannot absorb it quickly through the mucous membranes. Users can have pulmonary embolisms, lung infections, nosebleeds, and blood clots.

Incidences of Smoking Kratom may Increase

If you smoke kratom, it goes into your lungs, is absorbed together with oxygen, and goes rapidly to the brain. You gain the benefits faster than the snorting and other traditional ways of kratom intake.

In the US, some users smoke kratom although its practice is rare. The drug is for oral ingestion and not for smoking. Thus, it explains why only a few burns it.

Answer to the Question: Can You Smoke Kratom Resin?

However, some anecdotal reports show that smoking kratom affects the brain and users experience the same effects as opioid. This effect is also similar when users chew kratom leaves because the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth absorb the chemicals.

Users report that the effects are comparable to smoking marijuana or tobacco because kratom provides relaxation and stimulation properties. Smoking kratom is another effective way of taking the drug, but it can cause long-term harm on the lungs.

Issues about Smoking Kratom

  •    Cost

Smoking kratom requires a large amount of the drug for you to experience its effects. Some users say that they need at most 40% more of the substance than when they take it traditionally. As such, the cost of smoking kratom jumps up.

  •    Health Issues

Smoking can cause significant respiratory issues. As such, you have a higher exposure to such respiratory problems if you smoke kratom resin.

Moreover, you don’t use a filter in smoking if you want to take as much substance as possible. So, you can expect things to get worse for you.

  •    Effectiveness

Some anecdotal pieces of evidence show smoking it is less effective than the traditional ways of ingesting kratom. You need to absorb more kratom alkaloids than before if you want to experience its effects.

Is it Safe to Smoke Kratom Resin?

Smoking kratom through a pipe can make you inhale its fine powder and cause adverse effects on your system. Moreover, you need to have many trials and attempts before you can find the best formula that works for you. It means that you may waste a lot of kratom in the process.

You can smoke kratom resin, but the process of making it is both time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, it may not be cost efficient to burn kratom resin when you can gain the benefits through traditional means.

Vaporizing Kratom

Some users are also curious if they can vaporize kratom. Vaping it is possible, but it is not an efficient way to consume kratom.

Vaping kratom requires different processing for the plant. The extraction of the ingredients is not efficient. As such, you may have access to kratom with various proportions of its active ingredients.

Therefore, you can experience varying effects. Some users report that they achieve milder benefits than eating or drinking kratom. Most effects last for half an hour only.

So, users who often ask “Can you smoke kratom resin?” now have an answer. Yes, they can.

But, it is not advisable. Users can gain the same effects if they take the traditional means of kratom use.

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