Akuamma Seeds: The Natural Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory

Akuamma Seeds: The Natural Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory

Akuamma seeds come from the tropical regions of Africa. Like Mitragyna speciosa, people harvest the seeds from the wild.

Akuamma seeds are an excellent alternative to other harsh substances that treat various illnesses. If used for recreational purposes, these seeds can cause akuamma high or euphoria.


  • Pain reliever
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Euphoria
  • Cure to diarrhea, malaria and other ailments
  • Relieve fibromyalgia

Side Effects

  • A mild headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness or nausea

Active Ingredients of Akuamma

Like kratom, akuamma contains alkaloids. These alkaloids are the reason for its medicinal properties.

The most potent contents of this herbal plant are pericine and akuammine. Yohimbine is also an active alkaloid in akuamma.

The akuammine can potentiate the effects of mitragynine. So, if you’re a kratom user, you might want to try akuamma and include it in your rotating dose. Alternatively, an akuamma user can include kratom in the cycle as well.

Pericine can relieve opiate withdrawal. Yohimbine, on the other hand, is recommended for treating erectile dysfunction.

Akuamma as an Alternative to Opiate

Akuamma Seeds: The Natural Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory

Opium addiction is a prevailing problem in the US and other countries. Despite rehabilitation, many people can’t forgo opium in their system because of ineffective ways to treat the withdrawal.

More often, people who become clean for a year or two go back to opium because of severe symptoms. However, with akuamma, it is different as people can use it as a natural alternative.

Akuamma contains natural analgesic properties. It is a natural opioid agonist. Thus, the active alkaloids in the akuamma can ward off opiate withdrawal syndromes.

The pericine alkaloid seems to prevent convulsive reactions and restlessness among patients. Furthermore, it creates an akuamma high or euphoric feeling that helps patients manage any negative emotions they feel.

Legality of Akuamma

Unlike kratom, akuamma is legal worldwide. You can buy and use this medicinal plant without worrying about its legal status.

Akuamma Forms and Where to Buy

Akuamma is available either in powder or seeds. Since this herb is legal, you can easily buy it in head shops and online vendors. Even the largest online vendors such as Amazon sell this herb.

Prices may start at $7 for a 1-oz pack of powdered akuamma. Seeds are a bit pricier than the powder.

Akuamma Dosage and Rotation

The minimum dosage is 500 mg in capsule form. However, some users take 1 gram to relieve pain. The highest dose is 6 grams.

In taking akuamma, the important thing is that you have a measuring device to check the right dosage. This is essential whether you’re taking it in powder or seeds.

Generally, a capsule is the standard way of consuming akuamma. One seed can fill one capsule. The effect of one capsule may last up to 4 hours.

For convenience, you can buy akuamma seed powder in capsule form. If you aren’t comfortable of taking gelatin capsules, you can opt to buy vegan pills.

Many vendors offer gelatin capsules so that you can make your own akuamma capsule.

If you do this, buy an accurate digital scale. Accuracy is vital in measuring and weighing the dosage. Prepare your capsule once a week or a month for your supply. So far, reports on overdose have not been noted.

Unfortunately, taking akuamma doesn’t involve any rotation. This herb doesn’t have other strains like kratom.

You might worry about tolerance, but there is no need for such. Akuamma has a mild effect. Adverse side effects only happen when you take too much of the powder, or you’re hypersensitive to the elements of akuamma.

You can always seek the advice of alternative doctors to make sure that you are not allergic to the herbs.

Similarities with Kratom

  • Opioid receptors agonist
  • Sedative properties on high doses
  • Euphoric effects

Differences with Kratom

  • Legality (Kratom’s legality is questionable while akuamma is not)
  • Strains (Kratom has too many strains while akuamma doesn’t have strains
  • Where to buy (Akuamma is easier to obtain than kratom)
  • Price (Akuamma is cheaper than kratom)

Final Words

Akuamma seeds provide many benefits including its anti-oxidants properties. Unlike kratom, this herb is legal around the world.

Obtaining akuamma in powder form is easy since many reputable online vendors sell this product.

In taking the herb, it is better to start with a low dosage since this herb is very potent. Don’t increase the dose immediately. If you would want to increase your dosage, it is better to do so little by little to avoid unpleasant effects.

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